About shop GM electronic, spol. s.r.o.

Our goals

To supply Europe market with components for electronics, measuring devices and all the other products for electrotechnic production and retail store customers in best quality and good prices. To secure that our customers are satisfied with our products, but also to enable maximal personal self fulfilment of our employees to their full content in positions, they have in our company. Our main goal is to secure to all of our company and its employees long term perspective of improvement and lasting, steady grow.

Company history

Our company, GM electronic, spol. s r.o. is one of the biggest Czech distributors of electronic components, components for electronics, chemicals and measuring technology. Company has been found in the year 1990 and from its start to present day it is family business, fully owned only by Czech capital. Due to capacity reasons we moved in year 2010 main warehouse to modern building in Dobrovíz, which complies to nowadays standard for electronic components storaging. We are owners of certificate ISO 9001:2015, which we vindicate every year. Our e-shop is used by over 100 000 registered users, which can choose out of 33 000 items - electronic components, tools and final products. From year 2010 they can offtake the goods at 6 stores in Prague, Plzeň, Brno, Ostrava, Hradec Králové and Bratislava (Slovakia).

Why to buy from us?

Shopping in GM electronic has many advantages. From the beginning of its existence we at GM electronic aimed at wide range of customers. From normal consumers, which are looking for interesting and reasonably priced electrotechnic product, through handymen, schools and small businessmen to purchasers of big production companies, for which we arrange supplies of strategic components in precisely defined time according to production needs.

In our assortment you can find wide range of products "under one roof", so during one purchase you can buy not only components for your future product, but also all the needed tools and devices, which you will need for work. To those, who prefers already completed products, we can offer many final products.

If your business plans and purchases are bigger, after signing of contract and meeting a few simple conditions you will be taken care of by our wholesalers, which will arrange individual prices and

delivery terms and conditions with you.

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