Greentest ECO

Greentest Eco is a device for quick testing of nitrate content in fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, as well as measuring the level of radioactivity in the background, objects, food, building materials and other things that may be contaminated by radiation.

Greentest Eco measure:
1. The concentration of various salts in the tested products, whether containing salts with essential nutrients, and salts which are detrimental to health. Greentest Eco helps to detect the ion concentration of such substances as: chlorine (Cl), sulphate (SO4), nitrate (NO3) and nitrite (NO2). It is calibrated to display only the exact amount of nitrite. Nitrate salts that accumulate in high concentrations due to improper cultivation of fruits and vegetables, are a very serious threat to human health. Based on the results, which are compared with international levels of safe concentrations, Greentest Eco recommends whether this fruits or vegetables are suitable for consumption or dangerous to health.

2. background radiation is determined by the amount of ionising radiation. Greentest Eco measures radiation in comparison with international standards.

Technical Specifications

Min / max measurement range for the concentration of nitrates: 0-9999 mg./kg.
Range of levels of background radiation (mSv / hour (mR / hr): 0 - 9.99 (999.9)
Level range display cumulative dose mSv (mR): 0 - 9.99999 (0-99999)
Measurement time ~ 3 sec.
Possible measurement deviation <10%
Power Supply: Li-Ion Battery
Battery capacity: 720 m? H
Auxiliary power: USB
Charging current USB: 450 mA
USB Power: 5V
Usage time: up to 8 hours **
Dimensions: 122? 52? 14 mm.
Weight: 90 g.
Resolution of TFT color display: 320? 240

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