Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

Complaints procedure

General provisions

Complaints procedure of the e-shop GM electronic is according the relevant provisions of the Civil Code č. 89/2012 Sb. and Consumer Protection Act č. 634/1992 Sb. Complaints procedure applies to goods that are claimed responsibility for defects (hereinafter referred to as complaints).


Seller is GM electronic, spol. s r.o., based on Křižíkova 147/77, 186 00 Praha 8, registered in the Commercial Register kept by the Municipal Court in Prague, file RG C 101 Seller entrepreneur pursuant to § 420 of Act č. 89/2012 Sb. with ID(IČ): 00549274 in full scope of business and its activities.


Consumer is according to § 419 of Act č. 89/2012 Sb. every person who outside their business or personal effort of their profession enters into a contract with the entrepreneur or is otherwise involved.


Buyer who does not meet the definition of consumer customer is an entrepreneur according to § 420 of Act č. 89/2012 Sb. As the entrepreneur is regarded even a person acting on behalf of the entrepreneur.


Buyer can be consumer or entrepreneur.

Complaints procedure applies to goods for which are applied rights of buyer's liability for defects during the warranty period. When taking the goods from the seller's staff or from a third party (external delivery service) buyer shall always inspect the goods immediately upon taking over in the presence of the person which delivered the goods. Such check should contain check for completeness. Claim of the physically damaged goods additionally may not be accepted by the seller!

Returning of goods in the warranty

If after taking of the goods by the buyer during the warranty period defects occur on this product, the buyer is entitled to file a claim.

Warranty periods

The warranty period shall be governed by the applicable provisions of the Civil Code. For the consumer, the guarantee period is set at 24 months, with the exceptions prescribed by the law. The warranty period for entrepreneurs is governed by mutual agreement in the sales agreement.

The warranty period for consumers is by the law extended for the period during which the goods were under repair. In case of replacement of defective goods with new goods, consumer acquires a new guarantee period of 24 months or until the duration of the warranty of the original product if it is longer.

Procedure for handling complaints

In case of defects that occur during the warranty period, complaint is almost always applied through seller's service, or authorized service centers.

Complaints will be accepted at any of the branches of GM electronic, does not apply to dispensing points.

An important prerequisite for a claim under warranty, is proof of origin by presenting the purchase receipt or guarantee certificate (or a credible way to prove this fact).

Complaints, including the removal of defects must be handled without undue delay and no later than 30 days from the date of the claim.

After the expiration of the statutory period, the buyer is entitled to the same rights as if it were a removable defect.

Sending goods to complain

It is fully in the interests of the buyer that the goods are packed in suitable packaging, compliant for fragile goods transport.

Labeling of the package by symbols is commonplace.

Goods, if possible, should be in the original packaging, or at least suitable packing to prevent damage during the transit.

In the event of unrecoverable defect (based on a written assessment of the authorized service center, if required by the nature of goods), the buyer has the right to exchange the goods or has a right to withdraw from the contract.

Warranty does not cover normal wear-out of goods (or their parts) resulting from its use.

Scope of warranty and its limitations

The warranty does not apply to these cases

  • damage caused by natural disasters
  • weather
  • mechanical damage
  • electrostatic charge
  • defects caused by improper operation
  • failure to comply with these instructions and the lack of maintenance
  • damage caused by plugging the relevant IEC (ČSN) inadequate or poorly designed connection (for electronic components)
  • on all consumables, all the software that has been removed from its original packaging.
  • damage caused by modification or repair by the third party or the buyer
  • defects listed on the tax document during sale

Contract concluded by means of distance communication is possible between the seller and the buyer to cancel under the conditions stipulated by the Civil Code.

Final provisions

The warranty conditions in this warranty regulations apply to all business transactions, unless agreed on differently. Other conditions, not listed cases are governed by the Civil Code and the Law on consumer protection.


This Complaints Procedure shall take effect on 21. 4. 2014. Seller reserves the right to change any part of this document in the future, while respecting the laws of the Czech Republic.

Complaint claim location

In case of failure or the occurrence of manufacturing defects during the warranty period, the best place to claim the complaint is authorized manufacturer's service center, which is mentioned on the manufacturer's warranty card, or on the attached list/link. Unless authorized service center is not in the place of premises, or is not in closer place for the buyer, or if the goods do not have the warranty card by manufacturer, but only the warranty card issued by our company, is the place for filing a complaint our service center, or the branches of GM elecronic (except for dispensing points). Goods consigned to the complaint or the return can never be send COD.

Address of the company service:
GM electronic, spol. s r.o.
servisní středisko
Křižíkova 147/77
Praha 8 18600

Complaints of transport services

Goods from GM electronic are delivered to you via carriers of our partners that we chose for you in terms of price but also quality of services. Nevertheless, it may happen that your shipment arrives damaged. In this case, please proceed as follows.

  1. Always inspect the package in the presence od deliverer.
  2. In the case the packaging is damaged (wrinkled, torn, soaked ...) write down immediately with the deliverer protocol about damaged shipments.
  3. Do not convince the deliverer that the package is not properly secured. GM electronic treats goods very carefully to be delivered to you in good condition. In the event of a problem with delivery services write to In the subject line write "Delivery complaint", describe the problem, please provide contact data, order number and invoice number. Your problem will be resolved with the delivery service and notify you of the further steps. Damaged shipments cannot be your concern and must not annoy you, while shopping in GM electronic stores.


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